Pot Cookies yield Felony Charges

Four Arrested in Russell County for Pot Cookies

Undercover agents conducting surveillance at the Green Leaf apartments in Phenix City discovered the pot cookies. Deputies arrested three teens for possession and 21 year old Adam Hall the alleged master chef.

“In the cell phone of the target they saw that  he was selling a chocolate chip cookie with THC marijuana in the cookie for five dollars a cookie.” Sheriff Heath Taylor

Sheriff Taylor says edibles are making a comeback perhaps part of a national trend and several states legalizing the recreational use of pot.

“You know food with marijuana in it is nothing new. Years ago brownies was the big thing that people put marijuana in.” TAYLOR

And he says he knows people will view the pot bust as silly but he says there are serious unintended consequences

associated with drug activity.

“When you say big deal he was putting marijuana in cookies the problem is he was selling it to we assume potentially anybody for five dollars a cookie. The three people that we arrested in his apartment along with him were all 18 years old so I don’t know that we have direct evidence that he was selling to potentially kids but I do think that’s a possibility.”  Sheriff Heath Taylor


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