Auburn & Opelika Come Together to Play Ball Against Cancer

Auburn and Opelika are coming together Wednesday to play in a baseball and softball game to raise money for cancer research.

It’s called “Ball Players Play Against Cancer or BPPAC.”

The player will step up to the plate and before they bat they will announce who they are playing for.

Every player told WLTZ they know someone directly impacted by cancer.

They’ve been having this event for the past 5 years and have raised more than $70,000 for cancer research.

This year, with the money, they were able to buy 12 infusion chairs for the cancer center.

“We have a few parents or grandparents who have died from cancer, or currently battling cancer, or won the fight with cancer so it inspires us to play for them,” said Catey Marine, Senior Softball Varsity Player.

“Coach Cimo wanted them to know baseball is important, but it’s not everything, giving back to your community winning games is great, but winning hearts is even better,” said  Sherri Woodham, Cancer Survivor and Ceremony Chairman.

“There’s people in our society or people we know that fight cancer or fighting cancer and it helps us get a real grasp on life and knowing we are doing something outside of the game,” said Taylor Adcock, Senior Varsity Baseball Player.

The game was Tuesday night at the Auburn High School Baseball Fields. They said this game is sentimental as well because it’s the last one before they move to the new high school.

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