Auburn City Council Buys Land for Recreational Use

Auburn City Council purchased 160 acres of land for $4 million to use for recreational use.

The plot of land is located on Richland Rd., right next to the Yarbrough Tennis Center and Richland Elementary School.

“It has a lot of different facets that appeal to us to use for recreation. We always are being asked about fishing and we don’t have a fishing lake and this would be good for that and places around the lake for walking trails,” said Becky Richardson, Director of Auburn Parks and Recreation.

Auburn City Schools first purchased it, to build a new elementary school and on the south end possibly a new high school down the road.

“When they realized they didn’t need all the property, they contacted us to see if we wanted a part of it,” said Richardson.

The city jumped on the opportunity.

“There will be fields on this land, possible recreation center, for multi purpose uses like basketball courts and other types of activities. We are in the preliminary stages, but we think its going to be beneficial for years and years to come for the community,” said Beth Witten, Auburn Councilwoman, Ward 3.

Like Witten said they are in the beginning stages. But, they hired a consulting firm to help outline the master plan and what will best fit the needs of the Auburn community.

“Auburn’s growth is trending upward every year and this is a way to address that growth. We also had some gaps to fill in. We have great recreational facilities now and this will enhance what we have and secure the growth that is coming,” said Witten.

Sitting right next to the Tennis Center, the city sees how beneficial the future of this area will be for all ages.

The vision of this piece of land will be broken up into phases.The consulting firm plans on coming back with their initial plans within the next couple of  months.

Then, Parks and Recreation will present that plan to the city council.

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