UPDATE: Judge Hughes Revokes Markale Hart’s Bond


According, to Lee County District Attorney, Brandon Hughes, Lee County Circuit Court Judge Christopher Hughes went through with the prosecution’s motion to revoke Markale Hart’s bond. Hart is now in the Lee County Jail awaiting his trial. According to Hughes, his trial date has not been set.

Statement From District Attorney’s Office:

“We are happy with the judge’s decision. If someone is on bond in our community and they are not going to adhere to the strict standards of their release, this office is going to do what we can within our power to see them face the consequences of their actions.”

Brandon Hughes
Lee County District Attorney


Markale Hart, the man out on bond for murdering an Auburn football player, was arrested again, but on separate charges not related to the murder.

He was back in a Lee County courtroom Tuesday for a bond recovation hearing filed by the state.

Hart was arrested by Dadeville Police on February 26.

They arrested him for DUI, possessing a firearm and receiving stolen property.

Lee County filed a motion to have him back in court.

“We received information that Markale violated conditions of his bond when he got arrested in Dadeville so we filed a motion to have his bond revoked so he can be in custody of Lee County jail until his trial,” said Jessica Ventiere, Lee County Assistant District Attorney.

The prosecution had the three officers that arrested Hart that night testify.

“The evidence presented today that Markale Hart violated the conditions of his bond and out on bond for murder he picked up three new offenses including possession of a firearm that is clearly violating the conditions he was released under,” said Ventiere.

But, his defense argued that another person was in the car that night. A man named Devonte Mitchell.

Hart’s defense attorney told the court, Mitchell has a license to carry a firearm and his father is former law enforcement. So, it was his gun, not Hart’s.

“The father contacted law enforcement in Lee County and said the weapon belonged to his son and he and his son were threatened that if he testifyed that he would be arrested and charged with multiple crimes and a federal crime,” said Jerry Blevins, Hart’s Defense Attorney.

Mitchell was not in court Tuesday.

But, Blevins argued that Hart did not understand the conditions of his bond and therefore his bond should not be revoked.

“We don’t think the state has met its burden of proof and we hope the judge wont revoke the bond,” said Blevins.

The father of the murdered football player, Jakell Mitchell, was in the courtroom Tuesday as well. Mario Mitchell said he’s not surprised that Hart was arrested again, but has faith that he will be brought to justice.

“We want it to run its course and we are prepared to do whatever. So, we trust that justice will be deserved,” said Mitchell

Judge hughes did not make a decision and said he will take under advisement the rules brought up by the defense and look over the factual arguments made in the courtroom.

Hart’s trial on the murder of Jakell Mitchell is set for sometime in June.

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