Collaboration Station Now Open in Downtown Opelika

When Round House closed, a place in downtown Opelika for startup businesses, many were confused and upset over what happened.

But, a new type of business is breathing new life to the space and giving those young entrepreneurs another chance to launch their business.

Located in the heart of downtown Opelika, Collaboration Station gives entrepreneurs, young professionals, freelancers and anyone who has a business the chance to grow in this city.

“We are housed under one roof, but we are a diverse group of businesses that come from different backgrounds, really fostering that collaboration,” said Emily Baas, Community Director for Collaboration Station.

Baas said work spaces like this are popping up all over the country.

“If you give people an affordable place to launch a business, they will create more and more companies and they will be the foundation and future of Opelika,” said Baas.

They offer co-working space as well as a student hall pass, for those looking to study while being in a unique business environment.

“Opportunity and necessity is the mother of invention, so I think it’s going to work out great,” said Mayor of Opelika Gary Fuller.

Mayor Fuller said this really adds to the vibrant growth of the downtown area.

“I remember 15-20 years ago, there was nothing going in downtown Opelika and now its a beehive of activity. People living in downtown, young people are involved and they are bringing energy, vitality and enthusiasm to downtown,” said Mayor Fuller.

Folks working here hope that this type of setting could really launch the next big idea.

If you want to rent space or find out more information on Collaboration Station, visit

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