AU Industrial Design Program Named One of the Best in North America

Auburn University’s Industrial Design Program was named one of the best in North America, according to an internationally recognized design magazine.

AZURE, a magazine devoted to architecture and design, looked at colleges and universities all across the world and narrowed it down to the schools they thought would best prepare students to turn their concepts into careers.

Auburn University’s program ranked in the top nine in both the U.S. and Canada.

According to the magazine, Auburn University ranks high for it’s studio-based, industry-sponsored projects and emphasis on product innovations. Something the college tells us they do pride themselves on.

“Our practical approach and hands on approach to design is important to us. We still build models, we build physical models to test and prove out our thoughts not just sketch things up and dream them up. We try to connect that with technology that’s available and types of manufacturing to make something that’s realistic and achievable,” said Associate Professor for Industrial Design Chris Arnold.

There’s about 250 students in the Industrial Design program and they tell us they were honored to be recognized.

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