Lee County Residents Express Frustration, March Outside Rep. Mike Rogers’ Opelika Office

Lee County residents came together Saturday to voice their frustration against Representative Mike Rogers.

They now call themselves the “Charge of the Polite Brigade.”

They’ve been trying to get a hold of Rep. Rogers through phone calls emails and more to encourage him to hold a town hall meeting.

They want to touch on issues like healthcare, social security and his views on immigration and Russia.

But, no response from him or his team.

So, they marched outside of his building in downtown Opelika and took matters into their owns hands and hosted their own town hall meeting.

“We were realizing we weren’t alone in our thoughts and how we felt about our representation. We felt like our voices weren’t being heard and that as American citizens and active members in a democracy that’s a problem and we wanted to meet with our representative and have been trying since December to hold a town hall,” said Auburn resident Kelli Thompson.

They plan on doing this again sometime in April and hope this time around Rep. Rogers will reach out to them.

This is a statement from Representative Rogers’ team in Washington, D.C.:

Congressman Rogers is planning town hall style events in the future just as he has every year. This year’s Congressional calendar is especially packed with work on implementing President Trump’s agenda and previously scheduled commitments. As soon as town hall events are scheduled in the district, we will announce them, as we always do.

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