Lawmakers Tackle Distracted Driving


Georgia lawmakers from both sides of the aisle responding to that dramatic rise in traffic fatalities.

Up forty percent in just the last two years.

Democrats and Republicans co sponsoring legislation this week limiting the use of cell phones while driving.

“I think they should. Why? Because it doesn‘t make sense by us picking up a phone and we’re looking at it and anything can happen.”

Bipartisan supporters of House Bill 163 agree.

The legislation calls for limited use of wireless communication while driving a car or bus and residents we caught up with say…it’s a good call.

“The more that you hear and see about people driving and texting and talking on cell phones and caught in so many accidents it seems like they would cut

it out but some people just don’t care and they do it anyway and then when they almost cause an accident they want to look at you like it’s your fault”

“But also hands free you can get distracted and not pay attention to what’s going on on the road as well so I could agree with that.”

We should note similar legislation to outright ban the use of cell phones behind the wheel has failed in the past but supporter’s of the measure hope data

on distracted driving will mean more votes in favor of passing the law.


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