911 Dispatcher Busted for Child Exploitation

Tim Turner charged with 5 counts of Exploitation of Children

Police detectives are not saying what exactly prompted the joint investigation with the Department of Homeland Security

only that the suspect worked right under their noses.

“There was nothing here at the Police Department or on any of the computers that belong to the department or the city. There was nothing on those computers.”

Police executed a search warrant at Turner’s private home where they turned up enough evidence to charge the 911 operator with 5 counts of exploitation

of children.

“But you know we have arrested people here before. We’ve arrested police officers before. No one, no matter where you work no matter who you are is above the law.”

Privately coworkers tell First News they’re having a hard time believing the charges.

“You understand before anyone can have a search warrant and before we can arrest somebody there has to be probable cause

and probable cause is a legal standard. It’s pretty high”

Because it’s a joint investigation, the Department of Homeland Security will present the case to a Federal Grand Jury.

Meanwhile, Turner is being held without bond in the Muscogee County Jail.

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