Campus Carry Legislation ignites Debate

Local Law Enforcement Veteran opposes Measure

The Campus Carry legislation could have a broad impact here in Columbus home to Columbus Tech and Columbus State University’s dual campuses.

The proposal was met with mixed reaction locally.

“I feel that if someone has been certified by the state and the state and government have certified them to carry a firearm,

I really don’t see an issue with it.”

But veteran law enforcement officer Tom Barnes who currently serves as campus Police Chief at Columbus Tech tells First News passing a background

check to get a license and proper training are two different things.

“A citizen that has a concealed weapon permit doesn‘t have the training requirements that a sworn peace officer has a law enforcement officer.”

And he says high school students are commonly dual enrolled in college where tempers occasionally flare.

“People get into arguments and they escalate and they escalate very quickly and we have to step in and separate people that become physical.”

“I think it’s very dangerous  especially towards the students and some people may feel intimidated towards guns and stuff and I don’t think that’s safe.”

“Being from Texas as I am I always have been taught that there are times when you need to carry protection around you at all times for your own safety.”

So the controversy surrounding that campus carry bill continues  though the legislation is expected to breeze through the house and senate it still has to

survive the Governor’s desk.

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