Tiger Giving Day, Help Fund Auburn University Projects

A one day “Go Fund Me” initiative will start Tuesday to help support different projects at Auburn University.

It’s called Tiger Giving Day.

It’s a 24 hour university-wide crowdfunding initiative, highlighting more than 20 unique projects to help benefit research and outreach programs at the university.

One of the projects seeking funding is the Museum of Natural History.

They have an 83 million year old dinosaur egg, the only dinosaur egg found East of the Mississippi, so they would like to put it on display for the public to see.

They believe the egg is a Hadrosaur dinosaur and three high school students found it back in 1970.

“The museum is a research museum so we don’t have a lot in the ways of displays for people to see and we have people coming in asking all the time, ‘where are the displays?’ We hope with this, we can create a display for the egg and adult bones as well as a video set up that talks about the egg and dinosaurs in Alabama,” said Dr. Jon Armbruster, Director of Museum of Natural History at Auburn University.

They need about $15,000. So, if you would like to fund the dinosaur egg project or any of the other projects part of Tiger Giving Day, visit www.TigerGiving.org

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