Student creates “bee drone” to pollinate plants

This bee drone is a robotic flower pollinator.

Savannah, GA (CNN) – A college student in Savannah, Georgia has created a bee drone to pollinate plants.

This is a ‘Plan Bee’ prototype.

24-year old Anna Haldewang first developed the idea for the hand-sized device in her product design class at Savannah College of Art and Design.

She designed Plan Bee to mimic how bees pollinate flowers and crops.

The drone sucks in pollen from a plant and expels it onto other flowers to enable cross-pollination.

Haldewang says she designed the device as a teaching tool,  but her dean believes it could serve a bigger purpose.

He says it could be used to help in large-scale farming, even in hydroponic farming.

You may have noticed that the prototype does not look like a bee.

Haldewang says instead, it looks like a flower if you flip the drone upside down.

That was her way to honor a flower’s role in pollination.

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