Auburn University Will Replace Toomer’s Corner Oak Trees On Feb. 18

It’s been a difficult road for the trees on Toomer’s Corner at Auburn University.  So, once again, University officials decided to remove the current live oaks and replace them with two new ones Saturday morning.

“I really hope that this one works and we don’t have any problems in the future,” said 5th year Auburn University Senior Jamie Gnan.

After they were poisoned in 2010, the university tried to save the trees, but were unsuccessful. This action by an Alabama fan obviously caused some unrest in the Auburn community.

“I don’t understand how you could look at trees that are hundreds of years old and see that as a way to get back to another school. This is bigger than a rivalry, so its something that’s kind of disappointing,” said Auburn University Senior Jackie Cook.

The university replaced the two oaks in 2013 and then in September 2016, the Magnolia Ave. tree was set on fire.

“60% of the canopy is dead,” said Auburn University Professor of Horticulture Gary Keever.

The other oak on College St. also was not doing so well.

“It hasn’t faired so well. Parts of the upper canopy is non-living,” said Keever.

Keever said these oaks will be slightly smaller and should take root better.

“This is not acceptable for this location. We need to come back in with healthy trees and take care of them and urge these trees to be established and resume the rolling tradition,” said Keever.

A long standing tradition the Auburn family looks forward to. So, the university said it’s important to have healthy trees to withstand what Auburn fans love to do.

“It’s kind of like the thing we do that makes every part of Auburn like a family,” said Cook.

“I really enjoy getting to roll the trees and that really brings the Auburn family together when our sports teams win,” said Gnan.

It will take six hours on Saturday, February 18th, to replace the trees and the university hope to have the trees ready for rolling by the next football season.

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