Auburn University Students Help Promote NASCAR Race at Atlanta Motor Speedway

NASCAR used to be one of the most popular sports Americans watched and attended. But, over the years, that number has been declining. Reports said millennials are just really not  interested in the sport.

“I don’t really know much about NASCAR,” said Auburn University Senior C.J. Uzomah.

“Maybe because the media doesn’t expose it as much as other sports,” said Lamar Williams.

That’s why Atlanta Motor Speedway is asking for college student’s help.

“What we are trying to do is get the college age demographic interested in NASCAR and come out to races,” said Auburn University Associate Professor of Marketing Dr. Brian Bourdeau.

Dr. Bourdeau broke his 50 student marketing class up into 10 groups of five. Their assignment is split up into three phases: Come up with promotional ideas to sell tickets, activate those promotions and see what worked and what didn’t.

“This is very much a real world situation that they will be facing when they graduate and they are excited about it and Atlanta Motor Speedway is as well,” said Dr. Bourdeau.

Students said they are going to use the power of social media to promote the upcoming Folds of Honor race on March 5th.

“Instagram posts, fliers around campus, Snapchat filters, things of that nature,” said Williams.

They’ll also host events on campus to get their fellow peers interested in this sport.

“Rodeo isn’t what it used to be, so we have hashtag “14 14 14”, hashtag “New Rodeo”, we will try to do our best to market it that way like if you win you’ll get a free six pack for the Rodeo,” said Uzomah.

Hashtag 14, 14, 14 meaning BYOB, it’s whatever you can fit into a 14 x14 x 14 cooler you can bring, a big push the students believe with be attractive to the millennial generation.

“We think that’s something that will appease our college classmates and maybe go to fraternities and sororities making it a social deal,” said Uzomah.

After the project, Dr.Bourdeau’s students believe Atlanta Motor Speedway will implement their ideas permanently and in turn, put NASCAR back on top

Part of their project is to also help promote millennial driver Chase Elliot. The Speedway is offering special deals and a chance for college students to meet the 20-year-old. Ticket pacts are $24.

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