19 Days at 70+ Degrees and Counting in 2017

do you think it's been a warm winter? here are the stats to prove it:

Our warm winter continues despite the fact that a cold front passed through the area Sunday night. High temps on the backside of the cold front still reached the low to mid 70’s. With another 70 degree likely for most of us Tuesday, I wanted to take a look at how this year’s 70 degree days compared to those January and February’s of the past. To shorten our list, I calculated the numbers since 1950.

1950 itself recorded the most 70+ degree day at 29 in January and February.

1974 fell into 2nd place as it recorded 24 days.

1999 recorded 22 days.

2000 and 1986 both recorded 20 days.

Then arrives 2017 where we’ve already seen 19 70+ degree days and we’re only halfway through February!

If forecasts verify for the rest of the month, we may end up giving the record a run for its money. Looking ahead to next week, we are likely to have another above-average stretch with several 70 degree days possible!

We’ll continue to track this streak, but one thing is for sure–it’s been a mild winter with only a handful of days that have been below-average in the area!

-Chief Meteorologist Matt Wintz

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