Police Still Searching For Missing Eufaula Man One Year Later

30-year-old Darion Dawkins walked out his front door, February 6, 2016,  and never returned home. A year later, his family hopes and prays that he is safe and will come home soon.

“I just want my child home,” said Linda Hartzog, Dawkins Mother.

Dawkins was a father of three and an older brother. Family said it was unusual for him to leave and never come home.

“Darion is not the type of person that disappears and not calls me,” said Hartzog.

Hartzog said her son suffers from schizophrenia and was last seen in the Forest Hills area, in Eufaula, where his mother lives.

“It’s miserable. It’s taken a toll on my family,” said Hartzog.

The Eufaula police department has worked around the clock looking for him and even brought in outside departments to help.

“We’ve extensively searched for Mr. Dawkins both by aircraft, horseback, boats, we’ve exhausted all of our leads,” said Eufaula Chief of Police, Steve Watkins.

But, lead investigators believe people in the community have information on Dawkins, but are too scared to come forward.

“It has been frustrating at times because we know someone knows exactly what happened, so we hope they come out so we can give this family closure,” said Detective at the Eufaula Police Department, Jamie Ming.

Dawkins family has not given up hope, but they would like to know what happened to him.

“I hope they have a conscious. I hope they come forward and turn themselves in. I can’t see someone hurting Darion and think they are going to get away with it. I hope they have it in their heart to turn themselves in,” said Hartzog.

If you have any information on Dawkins, please call Eufaula Police.

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