Glenwood basketball celebrates State Championships by cutting down nets

A championship celebration at Glenwood Schools on Wednesday afternoon as both basketball teams were honored for winning AISA-AAA state championships.

Both teams walked the halls in what the school calls the “Championship Walk”. They then attended a ceremony in their gym where players took park in something we normally see during March Madness.

The Multiplex in Montgomery is used by a lot of schools and teams which means they can’t allow winners to cut down nets. So Glenwood started that tradition inside their own gym where each player was able to keep a part of their historic season.

“Everything became more real,” said senior Audrey Crowe. “Just the fact that it’s over and we don’t get to play anymore, this is my last season being a Glenwood Gator and it just really hit today.”

“We haven’t done that before, it’s new and we didn’t get to do anything like that,” said senior Trip Day. “So it’s pretty cool that we can have a piece of it because it’s part of history and it’s always gonna be special to me forever.”

This year marked the first time since 2007 that both basketball teams brought home a State Championship.The boys team finished with a 24-3 record while the girls finished with a 28-1 record.

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