Local Company Creates Multi-Use Ankle Monitoring System for Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Safety & Court Systems

Law enforcement agencies will do everything and anything they can to keep the public safe. That includes keeping up with the latest technology to protect victims from their offenders.
Law enforcement agencies in East Alabama and the Chattahoochee Valley are using a company called”Specialized Location Services” to keep track of felons.

“We’ve taken every school, daycare, library and park and we’ve put a digital fence around it,” said Javier Garcia, CEO of Specialized Location Services.

Victims can also be better protected than ever before. Depending on the case, victims will get their own device called the “Victim Unit” free of charge. If their offender comes in close proximity to them, they’ll get a text message.

“When the ankle monitor gets in that range it will notify us, it will notify the victim and then she can move herself to a public safety location,” said Garcia.

They are currently tracking 400 offenders in this area and to have a better handle on them, their services will be right in our backyard. Garcia’s company is working to move into the old Chambers County 911 EMA center, in Lanett, within the next couple of months.

“It’s like our command center where we are able to handle multiple incidents,” said Garcia.

Chambers County, the city of Auburn and Lee County are just a few that track their offenders through this cost efficient and simple system.

“We use it for three particular areas in Lee County,” said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Child support, those that make bond, but are considered “high risk” and their Workers Release program.

“It helps us keep a better, more secure eye on the individual under circumstances where they need to be monitored,” said Sheriff Jones.

An ever changing way to keep our community safe and sound and as technology evolves, law enforcement will be right behind it.

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