Police Chief weighs in on Crime Statistics

Boren Says The Uniform Crime Report is a reliable source for Law Enforcement

The report showing the crime rate in Columbus is at a ten year low was initially met with some skepticism but Police Chief Ricky Boren tells First News the report is neither “fake news” nor alternative facts. “You know the fact is we do have crimes. The fact is we’re out here to stop those crimes. The fact is that we cannot stop every crime even though we would like to”
The Uniform Crime Report showing the decrease in violent crimes by 15% in 2016 is compiled by the FBI from records programmed in by police on the scene. So why the distrust?

Chief Boren says “Most of the news sources pick up the old cliche if it bleeds it leads and they come out with that and com eout most of the time with the worst of the worst to get the viewers.”
Despite headline news, the record drop he says is real and a credit to those techniques used to crack down on crime.
“When we start seeing through intelligence led policing we start seeing patterns in areas or in neighborhoods we have move the specialty units into those areas. I think it says a lot being that we’re short staffed at the department that we’re continuing to work and continuing to make progress when it comes to crime in our community” said Boren.

The Chief says the Uniform Crime Report shouldn’t be used to compare Columbus to other cities or jurisdictions, it’s used instead as a report card to measure how the police department is doing from year to year. Robbie Watson WLTZ First News.

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