Auburn University Issues Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

President Trump has ordered a 90 day immigration ban on seven Middle Eastern countries. This has now affected many international students and faculty across the United States even here at Auburn University.

Across the country 17,000 students are affected by this immigration ban, according to The Association of Public & Land Grant Universities. At Auburn University, this ban has impacted some of their students and staff.

“The President’s executive order has sent tremendous ripple effects through all higher education and of course Auburn is included in that we have students and faculty that are directly impacted. Some, who are now in their home countries and are unable to return back,” said Brian Keeter, Public Relations at Auburn University.

Keeter would not comment on how many cannot return. But, a statement issued by the President of the University, Jay Gogue, advises students faculty and staff from those countries to not leave the United States during this time.

“If you are from one of those seven countries named in the executive order, don’t travel out of the country because you may be prevented from leaving or re-entering the U.S. while this executive order is in effect,” said Keeter.

Some students are very upset by these new executive orders including Pradyumna Lanka, an international graduate student from India.

“A lot of people come from those countries, they don’t have good education facilities and most of those countries are war zones, so it’s difficult for them to get a good education there. So, when they are coming to other countries like the U.S. for other education, I think it’s unfair that those people are being stopped from pursuing their dreams,” said Lanka.

With the student population of 25,000 and a little more than 2,200 of those students being from out of the country, students are proud of the university’s diversity.

“You see a lot of different cultures here, so you do feel for them. It’s sad they have to go through that at such a young age, so it’s tough for them I’m sure,” said Logan Hill, a junior at Auburn University.

But, other students agree with our president that it’s a smart move in order to keep our country safe from terrorism.

“I think it’s really sad for those that are affected, but I understand where the government is coming from and why they are doing it,” said Anna Laura Killian, a junior at Auburn University.

“The country has to back him because he is our president for the next four years,” said George Abraham, a freshman at Auburn University.

The university said there are still a lot of questions to be answered and we’ll just have to wait and see the next move our president makes.

Statement from Auburn University:

NOTE TO MEDIA: This letter was sent this morning to campus constituents from Auburn President Jay Gogue and Provost Timothy Boosinger.

Media Contact:

Mike Clardy, Office of Communications and Marketing, 334-844-9999 (


Dear Auburn Family:

President Trump on Friday issued an Executive Order regarding immigration that impacts our campus community. We are closely monitoring the situation and will promptly provide updated information as it becomes available and respond to your questions.

We recommend that students, faculty, staff or dependents who might be affected refrain from travel outside of the United States until further notice as you may be denied reentry into the country. We also encourage international students, faculty and staff with questions about immigration or H-1B/green cards to contact the Office of International Programs at (334) 844-5001.

The Association of Public & Land Grant Universities, of which Auburn is a member, is an advocacy group in Washington, DC. Please click here for its statement issued over the weekend.

Auburn is an international university. Students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds strengthen our campus, and we remain committed to fostering an environment that upholds our values of inclusion and diversity.

Jay Gogue


Timothy Boosinger

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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