Latest Numbers on Last Weekend’s Tornado Outbreak

More Tornadoes Confirmed, Albany's Tornado Rated "At Least" an EF-3

Survey teams from the various National Weather Service offices around the region have confirmed additional tornadoes after another day of extensive investigations. The numbers are staggering. In the state of Georgia alone, 17 tornadoes have been confirmed from the weekend while Alabama is checking in at 11 confirmed tornadoes. The strongest of the tornadoes still looks to have touched down in the Albany, Georgia area where damage looks consistent with that of an EF-3 tornado packing winds on the order of 136-165 mph. Locally, 6 EF-1 tornadoes have been confirmed and 1 EF-0 tornado was confirmed. Lee County appears to be the hardest hit with 3 total tornadoes occurring in the county alone with damage in Crawford, Smiths Station, and near Auburn and Opelika. With more investigation to go, the already devastating totals are set to rise as more information comes in. Until then, the cleanup process continues for many communities in and around the Chattahoochee Valley.

-Chief Meteorologist Matt Wintz


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