Auburn City Council Approves Position for Downtown Coordinator

Auburn City Council approved a new position for the Downtown Merchant’s Association. For years, they’ve wanted a downtown coordinator and now the city approved it in Monday night’s meeting.

The downtown area is the city of Auburn’s heartbeat. It’s thriving. But, the folks who make their living here, say it needs more to make a leap forward.

“We’ve really tried hard to create events and things going on downtown so we all work together. But, we all have businesses to run, so this is been an outside thing for all of us to get together and do this,” said Sarah Brown, Co-Owner of Wrapsody and part of the Downtown Merchants Association.

They are looking for someone who can organize events and promote the well being of downtown Auburn.

“Downtown Auburn is a great vibrant part of our community. It’s a very important part of Auburn. It’s where the university and city come together for their celebrations and social life and so many things that our city stands for. So, to have a person that’s totally focused on the events of downtown Auburn and the trends and concerns, we feel like its very important,” said Ron Anders, Councilman Ward 2.

45 members strong, the Downtown Merchants Association, meets once a month and works to drive excitement about downtown Auburn.

Councilman Anders said they’ve done a great job. But, it’s time to give them some organized help, and back it up with the bucks to fund the position.

“Assigning someone to this position with their primary focus being downtown and promote downtown and to enhance downtown’s image, we feel like it’s very important and I’m proud that the council gave the merchants the money for two years to invest in a good employee,” said Councilman Anders.

As for the Auburn community, get ready. There’s a lot more excitement in store for the future.

“Everything is looking really, really good. I just think this is really going to help enhance that and make it a more exciting place to be,” said Brown.

The city has made a $30,000 investment for two fiscal years for this position. Councilman Anders said it will be up to the Downtown Merchants to supplement this income and it will be up to the Downtown Merchants and the coordinator  to provide for this position in the years to come.

The Downtown Merchants are starting the process Wednesday. They are looking for someone whose energetic, has a marketing or event planning background, organized, and of course, has a love for Auburn.

The deadline to submit your resume and portfolio, is February 17th. Then, they will start the interview process. They hope to have the position filled and that person ready to go by this Fall.

To Apply:

Send Resume to

For More Information: Auburn

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