Chaplain: Just say no to Casino

As legislators prepare to debate this idea of casino gambling and whether or not to allow citizens to vote on the issue, one of the largest business owners in South Columbus tells First News he’s just not down with the idea.

“I’ve never really witnessed anything good coming out of gambling” says Paul Voorhees.

Chaplain Paul Voorhees, owner of the world renown military supply company Ranger Joe’s says history shows what casino gambling will attract.
“It brings other things. It brings prostitution, women being expolited, all kinds of gambling in other houses around it. I mean it spreads out.”
So he’s decided to speak up, and against any efforts to build a casino in South Columbus if legislators approve a state wide referendum.
Voorhees adds, “It worried me right off the bat with so many people of influence are for it.”

The popular business owner supports letting the people decide and says it will be up to him and others like him to educate the voters.
“I will do everything I can with grace and humor to persuade people to not vote for it yes.”

One proponent has suggested limiting casinos to just two in Georgia but the Chaplain says if it’s such a great idea why limit it and suggests building the first one next to the State Capitol. Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News.

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