East Alabamians talk Sessions amid A.G. confirmation hearing

By: Dorothy Sherman


LEE COUNTY, ALABAMA – U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions was not in Alabama Tuesday, but rather in Washington facing challenging questions as the President-Elect’s U.S. Attorney General pick in a confirmation hearing.

Meanwhile, in his home state and in east Alabama some residents aren’t all excited Sessions as the A.G. pick and said he will only negatively rewind the country.

“They maybe saying that because of his position say on gay marriage or marijuana legalization,” Auburn resident Mark Fierro said.  “I don’t think he’ll oppose more government encroachment or them trying to weaken encryption standards for them to get back doors as they just proposed in congress just recently to do such a bill.”

Some residents said Sessions will only be a positive A.G. by looking at what they’ve heard about his time and work in Alabama and his religious beliefs.

“I think Senator Sessions has done a wonderful job in Alabama.  I think he’s very smart and from what I’ve seen and heard he loves the Lord and I think he will really work to do a good job for the country,” Auburn resident Jessica Melvin said.

A group from Alabama with the NAACP drove overnight to D.C. just to be there for the hearing.

It was a statement to show they oppose Sessions becoming A.G.  Alabama State Conference President Bernard Simelton said it’s partly his past work in the state and voter rights.

“It’s not one thing but it’s kind of his whole record on civil and human rights issues because it goes back to when he was the U.S. attorney in Alabama.”

“When I came up as a United States attorney.  I had no real support group.  I didn’t prepare myself well in 1986 and there was an organized effort to caricature me as something that wasn’t,” Sen. Sessions said during the hearing Tuesday.

The Alabama group with the NCAAP will be up in D.C. until Wednesday.

On that same day lawmakers will hear from witnesses who support and oppose the Alabama U.S. Senator.

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