Fans flock to Tampa for National Championship

After a weekend of bitterly cold and even some snow across portions of Northern Alabama, fans came to Tampa, Florida expecting white sandy beaches and even that nice gulf breeze. Here’s what they got.

“Ahhh, very cold. Very cold! Cold. It’s cold!”

From Tuscaloosa to Clemson, Birmingham to Columbia, Mobile to Charleston. Fans traveled to Tampa expecting two things… a national championship and warmer weather. What did they get?

“We stopped to get gas in Northern Florida and it was still 40 degrees yesterday and I‘m like hey, it’s supposed to be warm and none of us brought jackets,” said one fan.

“We got here and you know, in the car we had tank tops on, but by the time we got out and the wind hit us, you definitely needed a jacket,” added another fan.

So the weather didn’t deliver, but fans are hoping their team will come through on the field tonight and they definitely weren’t shy about giving us their opinion.

“Bama! Roll tide! Of course, roll tide. Rooollll tide.”

And just in case the sweet smell of tailgate ribs was getting in the way of popular opinion at the game, we decided to get one more take.

“Roll tide! Whoo! That’s right baby!”

“A lot of the fans were a little chilly this morning, but one things for sure: the action is going to be red hot inside Raymond James Stadium Monday night.

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