Safehouse: Why nobody is turned away

Columbus, GA (WLTZ) – When temperatures plummeted like this three years ago a Columbus man froze to death just feet from this building on Hamilton Road. Local ministers opened the Safehouse shortly after vowing never again. Reverend Chris Aguilar tells First News

“Because I believe everybody needs a second chance and we made a determination that that wasn’t going to happen if we had a choice.”
Neil Richardson, the chaplain here says “Come here. We’re not doing a back ground check on you . Come here. There will not only be homeless people that will be sleeping in here for a couple of days there will be people who are housed but are so poor the power is off and they will show up and we’ll have cars and somebody will say I’m not homeless but can I stay here? Heck yeah”

Not only can they stay, but the staff is planning a good old fashioned cold weather party.

Richardson says “We watch movies and popcorn or eat cookies and we will have fun. So it’s not gonna be a boring hunker down. We’re gonna have some fun. We;re gonna have three hot meals. We’re gonna have go through a ton of coffee and a ton of toilet paper and then at the end on Monday when the weather is changing people will leave out of here with a smile and safe.”

Beginning Saturday, the Safehouse will be open around the clock to serve anybody who needs a warm place , no questions asked and for those in a position to give coffee, sugar and blankets are always a welcome donation. Robbie Watson. WLTZ First News.

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