Temporary detour set up on section of the Chattahoochee RiverWalk

When nearly 6 inches of rain caused the Chattahoochee River to flood, a section of the riverbank collpased. While repairs to the bank and RiverWalk are being completed, temporary detours for cyclists and pedestrians have been set up.



By: Leah Uko


COLUMBUS, GA (WLTZ) — If you want to take a stroll on the Chattahoochee RiverWalk you can. You’ll just need to take a different route. Heavy rain that came down on the New Year holiday washed out part of the riverbank, which caused a section of it to collapse.

Quickly responding, Columbus Water Works and the Columbus Consolidated Government blocked off the damaged area from people passing through.

By late Wednesday afternoon, crews had finished laying down gravel and setting up barricades around the section where the riverbank collapsed.

They also set up detour

Recent rain that brought flooding to the Chattahoochee River caused a section of its riverbank to collapse.

Recent rain that brought flooding to the Chattahoochee River caused a section of its riverbank to collapse.

signs for oncoming bikers like Ross Lawton who was riding in the area.

“I kind of expected it because different parts of blocked off,” Lawton told WLTZ First News anchor, Leah Uko.

“That’s a pretty impressive piece of wash out there.”
The river water reached a level high enough to cause damage several feet deep. Vice President of Columbus Water Works, Vic Burchfield said flooding was expected.

“On the 1st, we had 2 inches of rain and then on Monday, the 2nd we had 4 inches of rain,” he continued. “Anytime you have that much rain, it sets up for flooding conditions.”

Burchfield said engineers assessed the damage. The next step would be construction. While crews make repairs, pedestrians and bikers can still enjoy the RiverWalk. They will just have to take the temporary detour.

Columbus Water Works released a map on Thursday detailing where people must go.

Crews established a detour in the proximity to Rotary Park. It goes around the collapsed section of the RiverWalk located about 150 yards north of Bulldog Bait and Tackle, behind the National Civil War Naval Museum.

Burchfield said it was not clear on Wednesday when repairs would be completed, but the goal was to restore the collapsed riverbank as quickly and as safely as possible.

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