Mayor rules out run for Governor

Columbus, GA (WLTZ) – It was actually an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that created all the buzz.

The blog singles out Mayor Tomlinson on the short list of contenders who could become Georgia’s next Governor.

“I’m gonna be honest with you it’s fun, it’s flattering and all that good stuff. Mostly it’s very flattering about what they think of Columbus, GA. I’m impressed that they believe that the Mayor of Columbus, GA can run a state of 9 million people” the Mayor tells First News.

And while she isn’t ruling out a higher office, Tomlinson says “You know look I never say never because I never thought I would be Mayor.”

Right now she has two years left of this term to contemplate her next step and there are issues that need to be addressed here she won’t shy away from.
Tomlinson says “I don’t mind taking on big and controversial issues because it’s not necessarily about the ultimate goal of winning thought that’s always nice, It’s about the necessity of having the conversation.

For instance, you’re sitting in a building that was built in 1971 that has no sprinkler system and that the staircase is not vacuumed right? So God forbid a fire tragedy break out here. We invite hundreds of people to this building every day and we can’t do better than this in Columbus, GA? And you’re talking about a 90 million dollar fix so what’s the plan?”

Expect to hear more big ideas like that in the Mayor’s upcoming State of the City Address where she says her message to fellow elected officials will be not to get caught up in administrative details and embrace the broad visions of other community leaders and their constituents. Robbie Watson WLTZ First News.

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