Sean White’s season comes to early end in Sugar Bowl

Expectations were pretty high this week after Auburn fans learned the good news that quarterback Sean White was good to go for the Sugar Bowl. A promising start though took a bad turn… one play that would eventually change the tone of the game.

One hit, that’s all it took.

“Obviously I felt it, but I just thought it was a bruise or something,” said quarterback Sean White. As the game went on, I kind of just noticed I was kind of throwing like crap and stuff and something isn’t right.”

After sticking it out for the majority of the first half, White headed to the locker room where the news wasn’t good. A broken forearm that ended his season earlier than he wanted. The second half was spent on the sidelines, a familiar sight for White as of late after suffering a shoulder injury a few months ago.

“It’s very frustrating, very frustrating,” he said. “Yea know, I was just real excited to be back and healthy and everything and yea know it’s just a bummer but yea know what are you going to do?”

A bummer all around. White’s teammates have always associated him with high remarks and after seeing him exit the game like that, it was hard to not feel those emotions as well.

“Being one of my good friends, it just hurts to see him hurting,” said fullback Chandler Cox.

The Tigers turned to John Franklin III and Jeremy Johnson but neither could rally the Tigers from behind, falling to Oklahoma 35-19. They’re a team that tried to come back but simply couldn’t.

“After I got over that initial hurt, I thought, we’ve been here before,” said running back Kerryon Johnson. “We went through it in the regular season and I’m not gonna let it try to get to us this game and unfortunately, we just weren’t able to recover.”

Fort this team, the blow will hurt for a bit but it’ll soon be time to move on. After two seasons filled with injuries, White is eager to get back to work and play football.

“I gotta bounce back and get ready to go for next year,” White said.

White won’t just be battling back from an injury, he’ll be battling for that starting spot in the Spring. The Tigers welcome former Baylor quarterback Jarrett Stidham who’s expected to give White a test for that starting gig.

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