Television Maintenance Engineer

Position Available Immediately for 2018

This position requires the successful candidate to be able to troubleshoot and maintain station’s Local Area Network (LAN) environment. Possesses working knowledge of TCP/IP addressing scheme and ability to document and understand station’s network topology, remote access, VPN, serial communication, and other forms of data communication.

Computer: Responsible for configuring, installing, managing, maintaining, updating, and integrating the computers within station to insure compatibility and integration with enterprise standards and software applications. Possesses knowledge and familiarity with current OS platforms, primarily Windows, including deployment of systems via disk image. Able to troubleshoot and provide basic desktop support to users from multiple departments with diverse software applications.

Desktop Operating Systems and Applications: Be able to install and configure diverse applications including Microsoft Office applications and television specific applications and provide troubleshooting and basic user support.

Cellular Phones and Tablets: Posses knowledge and familiarity with various cell phones and tablets, particularly Apple iOS devices. Be able to configure devices for email, store and app purchases, find my device, pass codes, and other relevant parameters. Understand WiFi and LTE connectivity. Be able to upgrade the OS on these devices.

Must have strong interpersonal communication skills and be able to communicate effectively orally, in writing, and through diagrams.

Candidate must be willing to learn additional skills relating to the broadcast environment.

Submit your application, resume, and cover letter to Elizabeth Collum at

WLTZ-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability and maintain a Drug-Free Workplace. We require a background check, drug testing and the ability to lift up to 50 pounds of equipment. You have the right to notify an appropriate local, State or Federal agency if they believe they have been the victims of discrimination.

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