Fourth quarter sales tax revenue could mean big win for community

The clock is running out.  As the holiday season is nearing an end, a crowd of shoppers gathered at stores right off I-85 in Opelika Wednesday.

“We have been extremely busy.  We’ve had you know all of our last minute customers coming in snagging a few stocking stuffers,” Dottie Ollie, JoJo store manager April Rodgers said.

The hub of stores which includes, Tiger Town, first landed in Opelika back in 2004.

Since then the area has brought in more shops like Dottie Ollie, JoJo and with more shops has come more shoppers especially during the holiday season.

Elaine Manning did most of her holiday shopping in Opelika.

“The majority of it was here at Tiger Town,” Manning said.

“Generally the fourth quarter, October, November, and December is the strongest quarter of the year for sales tax.  Probably the weakest quarter is the first quarter January, February, and March, but in the fourth quarter especially in the latter part of November and all through the month of December is very, very good,” Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller said.

The holidays also provide seasonal jobs for locals.

On a national scale the National Retail Federation reports over 675,000 new holiday positions came open last year.

“A lot of people work in these stores I don’t know how many folks work at Tiger Town but there’s a thousand plus people that are employed there at the stores and people working downtown. well those folks buy and they have spendable income so all that’s important,” Mayor Fuller said.

For shops like Dottie Ollie JoJo a crowd in this Christmas fourth quarter could mean even more as it’s owned and operated by locals.

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