Another accident leads to another pedestrian fatality in east Alabama

By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL – Another accident and another pedestrian dead in Auburn.

It was the second one to happen in a week’s time.

"It’s not common to have two fatalities within a week … so that is uncommon … they’re both unfortunate," Auburn Police Capt. Lorenza Dorsey said.

Authorities said a 51-year-old man was attempting to cross South College Street Wednesday night.

The man was hit by a vehicle and later died.

"We’re investigating that as a traffic fatality.  The driver of that accident remained on the scene and cooperated with the police and the investigation," Capt. Dorsey said.

Last Thursday, Auburn authorities responded to Shelton Mill Road near the East University intersection.

There they found a 28-year-old man lying next to the roadway.

He was allegedly hit by a vehicle and later died.

The driver was eventually arrested for fleeing the scene.

The two accidents aren’t the only ones that happened in east Alabama over the past seven days.

In Eufaula, a driver was arrested for DUI and manslaughter for hitting a pedestrian that died.

The accident happened on Eufaula Avenue over the weekend.

Tuesday, a pedestrian was reportedly hit by a vehicle in Opelika.

Their condition is unknown.

"Not speaking specifically to any of these incidents, but just in general .. just be careful .. drive carefully, don’t get distracted," Capt. Dorsey said.

"As far as pedestrians … if you’re going to be out at night make sure that you cross at intersections … at well lit intersections .. use crosswalks when available

wear clothing that is light in color … even reflective clothing can help."
Capt. Dorsey also said carry identification in case you’re in an accident authorities can identify who you are quickly.

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