Atlanta police ask public to help solve deadly shooting case

Atlanta, GA (WGCL) – Atlanta Police are asking the public for help in solving a deadly shooting that happened outside a city bar this past July.

Lieutenant Charles Hampton showed surveillance video of the shooting on Wednesday afternoon.

25-year old Taylor Hayden, who was visiting from Texas, died after she was caught in the crossfire.

Lt. Charles Hampton with the Atlanta Police explained, "What we know is that there was a shooting here, individuals fled, some more shooting occurred and we believe that’s the individual inside that white vehicle, what we believe to be an Escalade, and then prior to this individuals in this Audi also fled the scene. The Audi had already left so there was an Audi that was in the parking lot right when the shooting happened. So that’s why we’re here, anyone knows anything, what they saw, we don’t care how small it could be, but we’re asking you to come forward to give us a call. The reward has been increased to $5,000 so we’re just hoping that this video and someone will just come forward, it’s been a couple of months since the incident but we’re really trying to bring some type of closure to the family and solve this homicide."
Hayden is the sister of Minnesota State Senator Jeff Hayden.