Scholar Athlete: Callaway volleyball player, Breeanne Moncus

It’s just another day of practice for Breeanne Moncus. She’s spending time in the gym doing a sport she picked up a few years back.
"I fell in love with the way the teams came together and the way the energy was during the game," she said. "Especially on that last point whether it’s win or lose, you have to push your hardest and I just love the feeling when I play."
Moncus is now a senior leader and four year letterman on the Callaway volleyball team. But while each girl on the court loves playing the game, she has something that makes her a little different.
"I think since my freshman year in high school I started taking honors and advances classes and now I’m doing full-time college classes at Point University," Moncus said.
Moncus is a high school senior on paper who spends her days taking college courses.  She’s says getting a head start like that is something she’s embracing.
"You can’t just slack off or say oh I’ll just get notes from someone else. You have to pay attention to the professor."
It’s a challenge she’s adjusting to each and every day.  She only has classes three days a week so on her days off, she’s studying and playing volleyball. It’s a schedule most high schoolers would love, but Moncus is starting to feel the pressure of being a college student.
"I know I want to help people in whatever I do but I don’t know the specific profession and I know right after I graduate I have to pick something cause I’m jumping straight into a major," she said.
Because when Moncus graduates high school, she’ll already be a college sophomore with all her credits. It’s clearly nerve-wracking at times, but Moncus tries to keep the faith and knows when she does graduate, everything will fall into place.
"I don’t rightly know what I want to do but I feel like eventually I’m gonna realize it and love what I do."

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