Columbus firefighters save dog from house fire

By: Robbie Watson

COLUMBUS, AG (WLTZ) — Firefighters are trained to save people. Sometimes they go all out for furry friends as well — kind of how one firefighter did on Wednesday.

When Miranda-Baras Morrison arrived on the scene of a local house fire where the home owner’s pet was in major distress, the Columbus firefighter sprung into action.

"After the fire crews went in there and they knocked down the fire they did a primary search and they found Jack, probably not five feet from a mattress that was on fire in the back room,” she continued. “He was unresponsive. They brought him out to us, one of our wonderful firemen, Gentry Gordy actually carried him to us so me and my partner could work on him."

Luckily for the homeowner, Morrison doubles as a K-9 Tech at Animal Ark. Her experience paid off.

“I put him on the oxygen and then, from there, he still wasn’t responding. So from working here at Animal Ark, I had an idea of ‘hey we can give out dogs I.V. fluid?’ and I was just trying to think if this was a human with heat exposure, how I would treat them?"

And the rest was history.

"After a while on that 02 he was able to sit up on his own and drink a little and then he was able to stand up and walk around."

The 14-year-old dog is expected to make a full recover. In the meantime, Morrison is working on a protocol to aid emergency workers who want to help an animal in need.
Columbus firefighters use pet rescue masks, which are all donated by the Double Churches Animal Clinic. As a direct result, Morrison said they have helped rescue dozens of Animals.