Congressman Mike Rogers visits locals, talks military funding and Donald Trump

By: Dorothy Sherman

OPELIKA, AL – Congressman Mike Rogers made a stop in Lee County Monday and spoke to the Auburn Kiwanis Club.  The U.S. Representative shared an update from Washington D.C. and took questions from the group.

Among several things discussed the Armed Services Committee seat holder didn’t go without expressing his concerns over military spending.  It’s the biggest fight he said lawmakers will have with the president this year.

"I don’t think it’s malicious it’s just he philosophically wants to see the United States military become more like a western European country military, which is really they are really just there to protect your boarders,"  U.S. Rep. Rogers of Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District said.

Rogers said around 650 billion dollars is spent on the military, but said he’s pushing for over 700 billion dollars this coming year.

"Defense spending is not only important for our safety and security, but also economically for this region of the country," he said.

Five years ago the United States military hit a mark with the Osama Bin Laden raid.  And when asked about how much has changed since the raid Rogers said now it’s an even more dangerous world.

"If anything we should be more concerned and bring more resources toward our military to make sure we can deal with the threats facing our country from around the globe, not just the middle east, the middle east is just one of several theaters of concern"

The once Jeb Bush endorser didn’t leave without discussing Donald Trump in the presidential race.

"He’s still not my guy"

The republican representative said Trump is going to be the team’s guy and likely republican nominee and said he’ll just have to be a team player.

While visiting Lee County, Congressman Rogers also presented a U.S. flag to the local organization Envision Opelika.

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