Synthetic turf approved for Duck Samford Stadium

When the Auburn high football team takes the field this fall, it will have a different feel to it.

On Tuesday night, the Auburn board of education approved the installation of synthetic turf to replace the grass at Duck Samford Stadium. The project is expected to take place over the summer and should be in place by the start of the season.

"Duck Samford is already a great facility, and I think this is a step toward making it better and making it for folks to look forward to to come and enjoy athletics," Daniel Chesser of Auburn City Schools, said.

Sports Turf Company, Inc. out of Whitesburg, Georgia will install the turf.  They’re a company that’s been in the sports field construction and renovation for nearly 25 years with over 600 installations and renovations.

According to Chesser, this project has been in the works for a while and the new turf will provide them with a better facility.

"The current grass turf that we have retains water and when that happens, when it rains, a lot of times we have to reschedule games, we have to move the schedule around," he said. "But with this synthetic turf and the drainage that will be built into it, that won’t be an issue. We’ll be able to play the same day it rains, sometimes in the rain. It was just something that was real inhibiting leading up to this point."

The project will be funded through bonds that were refinanced by the City of Auburn generating approximately $580,000 toward the full price tag of $629,000. The remaining balance will be coming from other capital funds withing ACS.

Duck Samford stadium is a popular venue. It hosts more than 20 football games in the fall and more than 40 soccer games in the spring.