Taking healthy to the extremes

Fargo, ND (KVLY) Orthorexia is an emerging eating disorder in which people have an unhealthy obsession with eating only foods they perceive to be healthy, pure or detoxifying.

"It’s when clean eating kind of takes over and actually begins to cause you problems," expains Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, Medical Director for Inpatient and Partial Eating Disorders at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota.

While eating healthy is good for you, Jorgensen says going overboard could lead to more dangerous eating disorders like anorexia.

"The clean eating got so severe that they started restricting and then we couldn’t help them get better because their food choices were so narrow, they couldn’t, wouldn’t eat enough to get healthy again," she says.

Doctors also warn repeatedly restricting what you eat can cause malnutrition and other serious health issues.

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