Scholar Athlete: Shaw soccer player, Emmitt Brown

Emmitt Brown of Shaw High School is known for her versatility. She went from a midfielder, to a forward, to a defender and now plays any position they need her at.

"It’s actually kind of fun," she said. "I’m very adaptable to different things so I like doing different things. If they need me in the back I’ll run all the way to the back, run all the way to the front, so it’s just wherever they need me, I’ll go."

Brown is a captain on the girls soccer team and has been a varsity member since she was a freshman. She’s now a senior who has taken on a leadership role for the younger girls.

"It’s just really having to motivate them," Brown said. "Since there’s a lot of new girls, they’re just learning the concepts so I just have to find fun ways for them to learn and for us to work cohesively as a team."

It’s a role and a sport that’s taught her quite a bit. She was once a shy and quiet freshman who’s grown into a vocal and energetic leader.

"I tend to stay to myself. I’m an introvert," said Brown. "So it’s helped me to just come out of my shell and just do something that I love."

Because for Brown, soccer is something she does to keep herself in shape. To her, academics have always come first. She has a 4.022 GPA, is a part of the Spanish club, the National Honor Society, and the ROTC. She’s a straight-A student with parents encouraging her to excel in the classroom.

"I just grew up that way so I’ve always tried to have I guess the best grades or at least A’s and B’s so I don’t have to worry about anything so I can can of focus on something else and don’t really have to worry about slacking."

After high school, Brown plans on attending Columbus State University where she’ll study physical therapy and may enroll in the ROTC program.

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