Scholar Athlete: Callaway wrestler, Gabriel Liranzo

Gabriel Liranzo is known for being a standout cross country runner for Callaway High School, but it’s always fun to try something new; like wrestling. It’s a sport he began in the 7th grade, one he took a break from, but found his way back to enjoying.

"I like that aggressiveness and getting out there and using everything that you’ve got to accomplish the task."

Which is why he’s spending his senior season on the wrestling mat, inspired by his coach who also happens to be his vocal leader on the running course.

"We both share that same work ethic of working hard," said Liranzo. "Getting the most you can out of whatever you do in life."

And the change in pace is working out pretty well. Liranzo has only a couple of losses on the year. In the most recent AAA area tournament, Liranzo brought home a second place finish in the 160 pound weight class, advancing to the state sectionals. It’s a sport that’s taught him a lot, both physically and mentally.

"If you don’t have the discipline to come out here everyday and get pounded on by someone stronger than you in strength then you’re not going to get far in the sport," he said. "You have to come out here everyday and work as hard as you can or you’re not going to get anywhere in this sport."

Toughness that also helps in the classroom and in his extra curricular activities. He’s holding a 3.7 GPA and has been involved in the ROTC, holding a leadership position all four years. After graduation, he’s hoping to enter the military as an Officer, his dream for as long as he can remember. But he also knows it’s going to take everything he’s learned in high school to accomplish that ultimate goal.

"I know the only way to do that is if I get good grades, if I work hard, if I get disciplined, and stay on top of school, I know that’s the only way it will happen," Liranzo said. "So I plan on keeping good grades so I can do what I want in my life."

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