Scholar Athlete: Northside basketball player, Jessica Herndon

It’s hard to believe Jessica Herndon once tore her ACL. It was an injury that sidelined her as a freshman and forced her to miss her first year on the Northside varsity squad. But at the same time, the injury was a blessing.

"It gave me a chance to work on my shot for one, and then just sitting down I got to get my knowledge up of the game and just see where I can come in and help the team out," Herndon said.

Which is why she’s become an asset to the team. She’s a force in the paint who uses her size to her advantage.

"We have a lot of people that can score but we’re kind of undersized," said Herndon. "So I’ve got to make sure I get all the rebounds and stuff like that."

But for Herndon, her senior season is a little more special because of the person she shares the paint with; her twin sister.

"She’s definitely the one that says, okay I gotta get this one because if I let Jessica get it it’s gonna be a problem," Herndon laughed. "But it’s like a little cat dog a little bit sometimes but we both get out there and work."

Working on the court and in the classroom.  Herndon has a 3.76 GPA, is president of a marketing program called DECA, and throws discus and shot put for the track and field team.  Her sister, Jasmine, is just as smart and just as involved which actually helps them both become better in academics and athletics.

"When one’s in competition for school, she’s working harder in basketball," Herndon said. "And then she’s like, I gotta come back and get good in school so then it’s like I have to work in basketball. It’s just like I gotta be better at something so we’re constantly working to be better than each other."

Which provides nothing but friendly competition that will continue after high school.  They’ve both signed to play basketball at Kennesaw State.  Herndon says it’s an experience she’s excited for.

"College is completely different from high school so I’ve got somebody to stay by my side and be there like ‘Ok, you got it sis, you’re gonna work hard, you can do this", and all that," Herndon said. "It’s like great I have my support with me."

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