Scholar Athlete: Shaw swimmer, Cameron Udy

For Cameron Udy and a couple of Shaw High School baseball players, it began as an experiment.

"We decided to try a new sport to get in better shape," Udy said.

A decision that quickly became something a lot more difficult than they thought.

"You’re trying all new things," he said. "it just stresses out everything."

Udy went from throwing a baseball to holding his breath under water, using muscles in his body he normally doesn’t. But over the past few weeks, Udy has gotten pretty good, impressing his baseball coach with his skills in the pool.

"He put his mind into coming out here and helping the swim team be better," said coach Rad Mitchell. "And he’s done that every single day."

Including breaking a school record in the 500 freestyle, something a lot of first year swimmers can’t say they’ve done. But for Udy, the credit goes to his baseball coach.

"He pushes me for both sports," Udy said. "He knows what we can do, and he pushes us further each day so we just get better each day. So, just knowing hes there on the other side, it pushes you."

In the pool and in the classroom, holding a 4.125 GPA after acing a couple of honors classes. As a two sport athlete, that’s pretty impressive and with a year and half left of school, you can bet Udy will have a lot more success to come in athletics and academics.

"I’m just looking to get better in everything," said Udy. "Just improve a little bit each year. Eventually, that’ll help me get somewhere."

Udy does plan on continuing swimming after this season. After high school, he’s hoping to study engineering.

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