Scholar Athlete: Zack Harvey

He’s a swimmer that uses his 6’4" height to his advantage.

"When I do my flip turn, most people have to do four to five butterfly kicks when they pass the flags that you see if you look at the pool," said Columbus swimmer Zack Harvey." But for me, I just have to do one and I pass the flags."

It’s an advantage Harvey is thankful for.  He hasn’t been swimming for that long; three years to be exact. But in that short time, the former baseball player turned swim team captain has come pretty far.

"He was having a hard time finding something that fit for him, a sport that fit," said swim coach Karen Wates. "He has definitely found it now."

Harvey qualified for the state meet last year and is on his way to making it back-to-back.  He swims the 50 and the 100, and needs to shave some time off both events if he wants to get there. The good news is it’s doable and he has two months to work at it.

"I’m gonna be spending a lot of time here," said Harvey. "I have to put in a lot of effort, I have to focus specifically on those events, I have to push myself at the meets harder than I normally do, and it’s just gonna require a lot of work and focus on my part."

Which many would find difficult if you had his schedule.  He’s not just a Columbus High swimmer, he also swims for the club team, the Columbus Hurricanes. Between the two, he’s in the pool about eighteen hours a week all year round.  He’s also very active in theater, winning a state championship as part of the cast when he was a freshman and this year has taken on a more technical directing role.  On top of that, he’s maintaining a 3.93 GPA.  For Harvey, it’s his busy season, but it’s also his favorite time of the year.

"I mean it’s hard sometimes to balance everything, but I do it," Harvey said. "And I don’t regret anything I’ve done and I’ve enjoyed it all."

Next up for Harvey is college, hopefully at the University of Georgia.  He’s a bright student athlete who plans to use his time and experience at Columbus High to pave the way to success post high school.

"It’s taught me time management," he said. "That’s been an important part, having to balance the Columbus High workload and everything so that’s helped prepare me for the real life where you have to balance so many different things all at once. But also, it’s just helped me be a part of something bigger than myself. I love my school and I love helping contributing to wins."

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