Butler woman in ‘chicken coop’ child abuse case gets 190 year prison sentence

TAYLOR COUNTY, Ga.- After being convicted of 28 counts of child abuse, Diana Franklin was given a lengthy 190 year prison sentence. Franklin was found guilty on false imprisonment and cruelty to children charges. Franklin locked her adoptive daughter in a chicken coop, outhouse, garage with no AC and a closet for weeks at a time with little to no food or water as forms of punishment when the victim would ‘steal food’ or disobey her mother.

Judge Bobby Peters said Franklin’s lack of remorse deserved no mercy when it came down to his sentencing decision.

Franklin seemed to believe she did nothing wrong throughout the 6.5 years her daughter lived under her roof

"I never thought in a million years that i would be standing before the world, in a pair of hand cuffs, for doing nothing more than loving someone who needed love".

The victim had a much different memory of living with her adoptive family. Instead of feeling loved, the now 18 year-old says she felt abandoned.

"Till this day, when I think about being locked in the chicken coop, I can still smell the disgusting smell of chicken poop all around me" said the victim.

When the victim was first rescued by GBI and the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department, she asked investigators ‘what took you so long?’.

"I felt that all and all we in the community kinda let this child down and this was our way of making it right" said Taylor County Sheriff Jeff Watson.

Now a convicted felon, Franklin will pay for abusing her daughter over so many years.

Samuel Franklin, Diana’s husband, is attempting to change his upcoming trial’s venue after extensive media coverage in his wife’s child abuse case.

We will continue to follow Franklin’s case as well.