Scholar Athlete: Callaway defensive end, Cortney Laye

For Cortney Laye it all began because of his older brother, a high school football player who passed on that love to him.

"When I was in middle school I was like a little ball boy out here for him on the field so I felt like I was part of the team and I just always loved the game," he said.

Fast forward a couple of years and Laye is now a senior on the Callaway High football team. He’s a defensive end and tackle for Cavaliers who’s been enjoying his last season. But once football is done, Laye isn’t. He’s a full-time student athlete.

"Right when I get done with football, I go right into baseball conditioning so I really don’t have a break," Laye said. "But, I love sports and that’s what I do."

He’s a guy who loves sports but also knows the importance of academics. Laye holds a 4.0 GPA and is senior class president. When he’s not playing sports, he’s studying, all thanks to a mom who has instilled the student in student athlete.

"She makes sure I keep everything up and she’s not gonna let me slide," said Laye. "She told me if my grades ever fell down, then I’m not gonna be playing sports. So, yea know my grades are good so I’m actually gonna go to college and be something and try to make it everything I can in this life."

A bright future is in store for Laye who’s planning on studying sports medicine. Why? Well, it goes back to how he first got his interest in football; his brother.

"It all started when my brother was a junior," Laye explained. "He was playing basketball and he tore his ACL. I went with him to all the doctor visits, all the other type of stuff and I just liked the guy and liked what he did and it just made me fall in love with what he did and made me want to do it."

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