“Chicken coop” victim testifies in trial against adoptive mother, Diana Franklin

The adopted daughter of Diana Franklin is taking the stand again Thursday in Taylor County, Georgia to tell jurors some of the alleged abuse she went through while living with the Franklin’s such as being beaten and also being forced to wear a dog’s shock collar as forms of punishment when not completing her homework. WLTZ wants to warn viewers that more of these alleged abuse descriptions are very disturbing.

Defense lawyer asks victim: "They (Franklin’s) gave you a family?"

Victim answers: "Yes sir, at first."

Not long after the victim went from fostered to adopted by the Franklin’s, the alleged abuse began. The victim relived some of the horrifying events that led up to her rescue by the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department and the Division of Family and Children Services in May of 2012.

The victim says her mother would attach two dog shock collars to her body and press the button to send an electric volt through her when she refused to do manual labor at their home on old wire road in butler.

Lawyer: "what would she (mother) do?"

Victim: "Connect them."

Lawyer: "and put them where?"

Victim: "around my waist"

On another occasion, the victim says she told her mom she was going to run away from the abusive household.

Victim: "We walked to the kitchen and she made me sit down then she grabbed her gun out of her purse and put it to my head."

When the victim’s homework was not finished or was ‘defiant’ in anyway towards her mother…

Victim: "She beat me with a belt buckle part all over my back."

After the Franklin’s arrest in 2012, this story became nationally known as the ‘chicken coop girl’ case. The victim says she was locked up 70% of the time… In not only the coop in her own backyard, but also an outhouse, garage and storage shed with no air-conditioning, food or water for up to a week at a time. Other times the daughter was given minimal amounts of things to eat and drink according to her testimony.

The trial will resume Friday morning with more witness testimony.