Scholar Athlete: Brookstone pitcher, Helen Snavely

When Helen Snavely first began playing softball, she never imagined pitching…. until she had the chance in Peach Little League.

"It was our All-Star game that year and since it was coach pitch we didn’t have a pitcher and it turned out that a girl from our team had to pitch," she said. "So, randomly one day I was throwing around in the outfield and I decided, hey, I can do this. So no lessons or everything, I went straight into the game and pitched."

Ever since then, Helen has been on the mound, pitching to her sister and dedicating extra hours to strengthen her arm. It’s taken quite a toll on her body–

"I feel like a 90-year-old woman by the end of the day," she said.

And takes a lot of her time throughout the week.

"About twenty hours a week I guess and then in the off-season maybe seven with lessons."

But all of that time and hard work is paying off. This season, Helen has more than 190 strikeouts for the Brookstone Cougars and has led them to another state tournament appearance. She’s an asset and a leader who brings more than just her arm.

"She’s a great athlete, she’s a great softball player, but overall she’s a great person," said head coach Nate McConnell. "And just that overall energy that she brings to the team is something that we just can’t play without."

And if you think she’s just a standout athlete, then you don’t know Helen. She’s president of the Green Club, part of the National Honor Society, and is currently holding a 3.7 GPA. She’s often seen running from the practice field to the classroom before and after school, but wouldn’t trade her busy life for anything.

"Sometimes I get kind of jealous of people who get to this social event or that social event but in the end, mine’s more rewarding than theirs so I look at it like that," she said.

Helen is going to stay busy after high school. She’s planning on studying pre-med in college, hopefully somewhere close to home. She also has been given the opportunity to play softball at the next level.. A dream come true for the Cougar pitcher.

"It’s really exciting to know that this is what I wanted since I was a little girl and to know that I’ve achieved these goals now, is all I could ask for."

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