Scholar Athlete: Harris County dancer, Macie Edwards

Harris County senior Macie Edwards takes pride in being the captain of the dance team.

"It’s an amazing feeling to teach them a dance that they’re gonna perform for our entire school, especially at pep rallies because everyone in our entire school is there," she said. "It’s really good to be able to teach them that and watch them grow as dancers."

As an avid dancer, Macie can’t imagine doing anything else. She’s won two 1st place national titles and a 3rd place in her solo. It’s a sport that’s given her recognition and confidence.

"You have to have the ability to go out and perform in front of a bunch of people," said Macie. "But also, you have to have the technical things like first position and things that a lot of people don’t understand about dance, but you also have to have the flexibility which is really important."

Which is why Macie spends at least ten hours a week dancing, whether it be at practice, at a football game, or at the dance studio. It’s hard to imagine she finds the time to do anything else, but she does. She’s involved in many clubs, maintains a 4.3 GPA, and takes numerous AP classes. It’s safe to say Macie never stops.

"She epitomizes what a student athlete is supposed to be with an emphasis on the student," said senior counselor, Tammy Bailey. "She is every teacher and me as the student counselor, she’s our dream. She’s the total package."

"It’s a lot of studying and I keep my grades to the utmost importance," Macie said. "So along with dancing, I make sure that my grades are always where they need to be."

And it’s her excellence at being a student athlete that motivates her to do something else. During her free time, Macie teaches dance to grade school kids.  She enjoys sharing her passion and being a role model for girls who want to someday, be just like her.

"When they’re that young, it’s not necessarily about them doing the technique, it’s just about them having fun and growing that passion for dance and I love being the person that can do that for them," she said.

The future is just beginning for Macie who not only plans on becoming a doctor, but plans on opening up her own dance studio.

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