Scholar Athlete: Beauregard wide receiver, Heath Senn

There’s no denying that Beauregard wide receiver Heath Senn is someone you can count on.

"Quay Wright has a lot of confidence in him and you see that since they’ve grown up together since little league football," said head coach Rob Carter.

For quarterback Quay Wright, Heath Senn has become one of his biggest targets this season. The senior has a couple of scores and is averaging roughly 30 yards a catch. He’s a leader and consistent starter who’s been playing football all his life, working hard in the off-season to be the best receiver on the field.

"A lot of footwork drills, hand drills, ball drills, being able to catch the ball no matter where it’s thrown," he said.

"When you throw the ball up in the air, he’s probably more than 90% or 100% of the time, gonna bring it down," added Carter.

But he’s not just one of their best players athletically, he’s one of their best academically. He’s holding a 3.98 GPA, recently scored a 26 on his ACT’s and is part of the National Honor Society. He’s also a two sport athlete- both pitching and playing shortstop on the baseball team. For Heath, his life is constantly busy- a routine that he lives on a daily basis.

"Wake up, come to school, football/baseball whatever is in season, and then go home and study, homework, and that’s pretty much all I have time for," he said.

But he knows it will all pay off. After high school he’s planning to study either marine biology or engineering and is also hoping to play football or baseball. A couple of uncertainties but one thing that is for certain is that he’ll have the support from his biggest fan and role model… his dad.

"At all times I’m getting some kind of motivation or some kind of help on what I need to be doing to be better," he said.

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