Officials in Birmingham vote to move controversial Confederate monument

Birmingham, AL (WBMA-LD) – While some southern states are debating a removal a Confederate flag.

The largest city in Alabama is taking down an entire Confederate monument.

Officials in Birmingham voted on Wednesday to remove a monument honoring Confederate soldiers and sailors.

A local chapter of Daughters of Confederacy group put it up in a city park in 1905.

Some city officials want current chapters of the group to cover the cost of removal. If they don't one official says taxpayers will have to pick up the tab.

Bernard Kincaid with the Birmingham Parks and Recreation Board said, "We'd have to employ the city to pay for it. The issue would be where does it go? We are trying to hopefully do it amicably, so those responsible for putting it there in the first place would be responsible for its removal and upkeep."

Birmingham Mayor's Office says one group has expressed interest in relocting the monument to a private location.